Conceived in response to a competition aimed at solving the "cradle to grave" characteristic of umbrellas, ourbrellas are municipal umbrellas provided for public use. They can be found stacked on any lamp-post throughout the city, from where they can be picked up or dropped off.

They are specifically designed as an alternative to the cheap, throw away umbrellas which are bought as emergency when it starts raining.

The umbrellas are purpose designed to deal with all the issues which arise from communal ownership such as vandalism and theft.

They are cheaply made from a single piece of recyclable moulded plastic with a single two piece mould and can be easily recycled.Unlike normal umbrellas, they have no moving parts and do not fold. This makes them too large to take indoors or into vehicles, preventing them being easily stolen or taken further than walking distance from where they were picked up.

The umbrellas are designed to have a strong visual impact and act as a landmark to the places at which they are used. When they are not in use they hang elegantly from lamp posts much like flower pots or decorative banners.