ma3t were asked to help the architects, east, to design walking maps for transport for london and walk london.

the purpose of the maps was to encourage people to walk in their nieghbourhood rather than using their cars.

tfl plan to create  maps for each borough, eventually covering the entirety of london. they will be given out to local residents in the form of fold out pocket size z maps.

a list of destinations that needed to go on the map was given to us by tfl, and we were asked to develop a graphic language  to demonstrate how they were all easily accessible by foot.

we highlighted pavements rather than roads, with off road footpaths dotted to stand out more than other routes.

the destination symbols were designed to be easy to find and provide a colourful overlay to the green routes background creating a sense of bustling community centres.

the distance key is given in walking time as well as actual distance. it is shown as a square, with the diagonal distance/time given and is continued over the entire map as a grid for easy reference.


(view a pdf of the map)