ma3t were asked to design new labels for biofood vegetable and fruit juices.

some of the juices are made of lactofermented vegetables; a rather striking flavour. others are made of fruit pulp, all are made from organic produce and nothing untoward is added. some of the fruit juices have sugar added for flavour. all in all, the drinks are a good, honest, wholesome product.

we wanted to communicate this honest approach in the labels by using clear, straight forward graphics. no "100%", "1 of your 5 a day" etc. the only information on the bottle is that that needs to be there. the quality of the drink would be apparent from the ingredients list.

the only attention seeking (if it could even be called that) graphics is provided by an illustration of the main ingredient, meaning the first thing a consumer is aware of, when studying the bottle, is what it is made of.


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