We were commissioned with re-branding the blue elephant theatre in camberwell and increasing its presence on the street.

We were told the theatre suffered from its entrance not being visible or inviting enough.

Tucked round the corner from the main street and with doorway feeling more like a fire exit than the entrance to a theatre, we could empathise with our clients concern.

However, we decided that we could use this "back door" feel to promote it as an 'undiscovered gem amongst camberwell's housing estates.' Our approach would be to do little other than pointing out the theatre to passers by while preserving its authentic experience

All that was needed was an arrow pointing at the entrance to solve the theatres lack of presence on the street. The theatres brand could then reflect this experience with a logo which is minimal and utilitarian , like a street sign.

images: signage, flyers for shows, brochure, 2nd brochure cover, 3rd brochure cover,