this was an installation carried out at the Festival Of Uncertainty in Auckland.

our brief

the call for submissions for the FOA asked “If excellence, market value and profile were set aside what else might be possible?”. in keeping with TEAM’s agenda, we wanted our installation to appear to be a normal functional part of the festival rather than a thing of art. we looked at what mundane aspects there might be to an art festival into which we could fit our intervention. we did this because TEAM try to make people think when they are doing the things they do ordinarily, rather than when they have set out to see something or take part in something out of the ordinary, or "cultural", so that their response is tied into their everyday life.

we decided to carry out the evaluation process for the FOA, and collect feedback. with the evaluation process as our medium, we could address the very issues that the festival set out to challenge: how and why to do we value art, and what value systems do we end up attaching to it.

and you did, didn't you?