A Vision for Clapton

Education Programme

Our aim is to provide innovative, high quality workshops and classes to schools, colleges and special groups, as well as offering adult education classes, workshops, short courses & lectures in the evening and on the weekend to the general public.

We also hope to hold a series of exhibitions and events in the Old Schoolhouse (and elswhere) later this year, many with a distinctly early Victorian flavour.

The Old Schoolhouse, when restored (later this year we hope) will have a "living" Victorian classroom, with period costumed lecturers giving broad-based multi-disciplinary classes many with, we envisage, local and river heritage themes.

To schools and colleges

Would you like your pupils to benefit from our proposed educational programme, with classes and workshops taken by well known and experienced professional artists & musicians?

We envisage art/sculpture/design/music workshops will be held either in your classroom, the teaching artists studio or at the Old Schoolhouse, when restored.

We are planning some exciting new workshops right now (with help from the Learning Trust) and will publish details in due course.

If you want to be involved with workshop planning and development, to ensure a snug fit with your curriculum, please contact us straight away at: info@claptonartstrust.org

To artists wishing to take Classes & workshops

(cont. from the Get Involved page)

We hope to start workshops and courses later this year, so need to have you engaged and ready to rock and roll well before then, in fact as soon as possible.

You need to be currently working, professional artist or craftsman and have either a degree in your field (or higher) or in the absence of a degree, considerable professional experience, with ideally a few exhibitions under your belt.

We appreciate your time is limited and that you may wish to take only an occasional class or workshop, however, if you can do more, great!

Professional artists will be required for:

• Adult education (evening and weekend classes).

• Weekday classes/workshops for schools and colleges.

The development of such workshops (their content, subject matter and stated aims) will in most cases be directed by you, the artist, but working closely with the school or college and the trust, getting as much or as little guidance, help and support from the trust as you require.

Artists wishing to teach in schools and colleges will need to be CRB checked and supply references.

Before you start working for the trust we will ask you in for a short, very informal interview... ...then take it from there.


Download our Artists Registration Form

If you have any queries email: info@claptonartstrust.org


Note: in your email to the trust, please tell us if you do NOT want to be kept up to date with CAT news.